When most people want to lose weight they go on a diet which may be successful in the short term but is not a long-term solution. People may lose weight initially but they so often find that they put the weight back on again. Dieting is based on denying yourself the food you might wish to eat. With hypnosis we help you to lose the desire for the food so you do not have that ongoing willpower battle with yourself.

There are three forms of eating that people do which contribute to their weight problem — eating inappropriate food, eating to excess and eating for psychological reasons — because you feel lonely, bored, depressed, frustrated et cetera. Hypnosis can be of assistance to you in each of these areas.

We use a variety of approaches — using verbal, visual, subliminal and post hypnotic suggestions. We also give you a code word which helps you to cope more effectively in stress situations and to avoid turning to food as a psychological crutch. In addition, we use some brainwave entrainment equipment which helps you to relax more easily and become more receptive to suggestion during the hypnosis sessions.

We also use an hypnotic gastric lap band program for people who may have a considerable amount of weight to lose.

If you are committed to losing weight and do not have any unrealistic expectations I am quite confident that we will be able to help you to do so. In addition to the hypnosis sessions we teach you self hypnosis so you will be able to keep the whole process going.

Woman smiling after our professional help in Mornington